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Sammilan Hall

The Sammilan Hall is the pinnacle of grandeur at Hotel Pai Vista, Mysore. This magnificent venue in Mysore boasts abundant space to host up to 450 guests. Adorned with exquisite decor and sophisticated design, Sammilan Hall creates a lavish ambience for weddings, receptions and anniversaries, making it one of the best wedding halls in Mysore. Enhancing the experience, it offers a private entrance, adding convenience and exclusivity to your occasion. Whether it's an intimate gathering or a grand celebration, our hall at Hotel Pai Vista, Mysore guarantees an unforgettable experience for all attendees.


PRM PVM-5018
PRM PVM-5002

Senate Hall

Senate Hall is an elegant banquet hall in Mysore that is suitable for both formal and informal meetings. With modern amenities like high-speed internet, audio-visual equipment and air-conditioning, it can accommodate up to 100 guests. Our event venue can be customised to meet specific requirements, ensuring a delightful and memorable occasion. Whether it's a professional board meeting or a special event, at Hotel Pai Vista we provide the perfect event venue in Mysore.

  • U-Shape: 40-50 people
  • Classroom: 70 people
  • Theatre: 100 people

Pavilion Hall

The Pavilion Hall at Hotel Pai Vista, Mysore, is a spacious event venue that can accommodate up to 150 guests in various seating arrangements. It features a large private balcony along with state-of-the-art amenities like complimentary Wi-Fi, air-conditioning and a projector. If you are looking for a venue to host weddings, receptions, birthdays and corporate events, our hall in Mysore is an ideal choice for you.

  • Classroom: 70 people
  • Theatre: 120 people
  • Floating Crowd (Standing): 150 people
  • Board Room: 45 people
  • Cluster: 60 people

Pavillion Hall Pai Vista Mysore

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