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Restaurants at Hotel Pai Viceroy, Tirupati


At Hotel Pai Viceroy, Tirupati, we have two remarkable dining experiences for guests to savour. Step into the mysterious world of Gufha, a cave-themed restaurant, where you can indulge in delectable vegetarian cuisine amidst its enchanting ambience. For a sophisticated dining experience, head to Plantain Leaf, adorned with stylish interiors. This pure vegetarian restaurant delights herbivores with a range of flavourful dishes. Whether you choose the rustic charm of Gufha or the contemporary elegance of Plantain Leaf, both restaurants at our hotel promise unforgettable moments with your loved ones.


Gufha is a multi-cuisine restaurant in Hotel Pai Viceroy, Tirupati. Breaking away from the ordinary, our cave-themed eatery in Tirupati exudes enchanting charm. We offer various Indian, Chinese, Tandoor and Andhra dishes, crafted meticulously by our talented chefs. It is furnished with stunning cave art and intricate design conjuring the perfect ambience for you to dine in Tirupati. Step into this culinary haven and let your appetite be truly awakened.

Contact: +91 7729965640


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Plantain Leaf

Indulge in the exquisite vegetarian dishes in Plantain Leaf, our in-house restaurant in Tirupati. Our eatery offers a remarkable assortment of vegetarian delights in an elegantly refined setting. As you relish the authentic flavours of Authentic Andhra, Chinese, South Indian, Tandoor and Indian cuisines, let the bustling energy of Tirupati immerse you in its cultural tapestry, making your dining experience at Plantain Leaf a memorable fusion of gastronomy and the city's vibrant charm.

Contact: +91 7729965641