Travel Information: COVID-19 Update

Pai Group of Hotels are abiding by these precautionary hygiene and care measures across all areas of our hotels.

1. Deep sanitization and fumigation at frequent intervals. This includes the cleaning and disinfection of public areas such as the lobby, elevators, telephones, washrooms and the air-conditioning system.

2. Step-up in the cleaning procedures and disinfection of guestroom facilities including carpets, air-conditioning units and bathroom air intake vents etc., further strengthening the cleanliness regime.

3. Deep cleaning and disinfection of all restaurants and kitchen areas, including cooking utensils and tableware. Strict implementation of food safety guidelines.

4. Hygiene Stations have been set up at the hotel entrances with a disinfected carpet and alcohol-based hand rubs. All guests are requested to undergo a body temperature check using non-invasive laser thermometers and disinfection of their hands at the entrance. The same procedure is being followed for all our staff members as well.

5. Should a guest arrive suffering from fever or other influenza-like symptoms, s/he is advised to wear surgical masks and directed to seek immediate medical assistance.

6. All members of staff are advised to disinfect their hands and wear surgical masks before entering the hotel, and all food-handling staff are required to mandatorily wear gloves and surgical masks during their shift.

7. Any staff member reporting to work with body temperature over 99 degrees celsius or influenza-like symptoms, is being directed to seek medical advice and refrain from work.

8. Our rooms are equipped with individual air-conditioners and fans, which are most recommended by government bodies.